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1.(AMTN) A Mountain
2.(ACACI) Acacia Hall
3.(ACHAL) Acourtia Hall
4.(ADEL1) Adelphi Commons
5.(ADEL2) Adelphi II Commons
6.(ADM) Administration Building see INTDS - Interdisciplinary
7.(AG) Agriculture Building see DISCVRY - Discovery Hall
8.(AGVHAL) Agave Hall
9.(ALBER) Alberta B Farrington Softball Stadium
10.(ALPHA) Alpha Drive
11.(ANTH) Anthropology see SHESC - School of Human Evolution and Social Change
12.(ANX) Art Annex
13.(APMA) ASU Performing & Media Arts
14.(AQUAT) Mona Plummer Aquatic Center
15.(ARHAL) Arroyo Hall
16.(LAW) Armstrong Hall
17.(ASU) Art Warehouse - ASU
18.(BYAC) Artisan Court at the Brickyard - BYAC
19.(ASUPD) Police Department
20.(ATHLE) Athletes Performance
21.(BA) Business Administration
22.(BAC) Business Administration C Wing
23.(BARRETT) Barrett, The Honors College Academic Complex
24.(BDA) The Biodesign Institute - Bldg A
25.(BDB) The Biodesign Institute - Bldg B
26.(MB) Best Hall
27.(BKSTR) Sun Devil Bookstores
28.(BYENG) Brickyard
29.(BYOH) Orchid House at the Brickyard
30.Cady Fountain Cady Mall
31.(CAM) College Avenue Marketplace
32.(CHILD) Campus Children's Center
33.(CSAC) Carson Student-Athlete Center
34.(CDN) College of Design North
35.(CFS) Center for Family Studies
36.(CTRPT) Centerpoint
37.(CGS) Ceramics Graduate Studio
38.(TMPCT-E) Ceramics Research Center
39.(CERHAL) Cereus Hall
40.(CHAPL) Danforth Chapel
41.(CHOLA) Cholla Apartments
42.(CHPF) Combined Heat & Power Facility
43.(CHUPA) Chuparosa Hall
44.(CSB) Community Services Building
45.(CPCOM) Computing Commons
46.(COOR) Lattie F. Coor Hall
47.(COWDN) Cowden Family Resources
48.(CP) Central Plant
49.(CPS) Central Plant South
50.(CSAC) Ed and Nadine Carson Student-Athlete Center
51.(CWHAL) Cottonwood Hall
52.(DAP) Desert Arboretum Park
53.(GHALL) Dixie Gammage Hall
54.(DSGNX) Design Annex
55.(ECA) Engineering Center A-G Wings
56.(ED) Farmer Building
57.(EDB) Payne Hall
58.(EDC) Education Lecture Hall
59.(ENGRC) Engineering Research Center
60.(FAC) Nelson Fine Arts Center
61.(ALBER) Farrington Softball Stadium, Alberta B.
62.(FULTN) Forest Mall Fulton Center
63.(GGMA) ASU Gammage
64.(GIOS) Global Institute of Sustainability, see WGHL - Wrigley Hall
65.(GWC) Goldwater Center
66.HASSAYAMPA - Hassayampa Academic Complex
67.(LIB) Hayden Library
68.Hayden Mall
69.(HSB) Health Service Building
70.(HONHAL) Honors Hall
71.Housing, Tempe campus
72.(INTDSA/B) Interdisciplinary A/B
73.(IRISH) Irish Hall
74.(ISTB1) Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building I
75.(ISTB2) Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building II
76.(ISTB4) Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV
77.(ISTB5) Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building V
78.(JNHAL) Juniper Hall
79.(JOBA) Jojoba Hall
80.(KARST) Karsten Golf Course
81.(LL) Languages and Literatures
82.(LAWLB) Law Library, Ross-Blakley
83.(LS) Life Sciences Center
84.(LSC) Life Sciences C-wing
85.(LSE) Life Sciences Towe
86.(LYC) Lyceum Theatre
87.(MAIN) Old Main
88.(MANZH) Manzanita Hall
89.(MCENT) Matthews Center
90.(MHALL) Matthews Hall
91.McAllister Mall
92.(MCL) McClintock Hall
93.McCord Hall
94.(MCENT) A.J. Matthews Center
95.(MU) Memorial Union
96.(MHALL) Carrie Matthews Hall
97.(MOEUR) Moeur Building
98.(MSHA) Mesquite Hall
99.(MUR) Murdock Lecture Hall
100.(MUSIC) Music Building
101.(MVHAL) Mohave Hall
102.(NEEB) Neeb Hall
103.(NOBLE) Daniel E. Noble Science Library
104.Orange Mall
105.(PABLO) San Pablo Residence Hall
106.(PBS) Packard Baseball Stadium
107.Palm Walk
108.(PEBE) Physical Education Building East
109.(PEBW) Physical Education Building West
110.(PS) Physical Sciences Center, Bateman
111.(PWH) Piper Writers House
112.(PS) George M. Bateman Physical Sciences Center
113.(PSY) Psychology Building
114.(PSYN) Psychology North
115.(PVE) Palo Verde East
116.(PVM) Palo Verde Main
117.(PVW) Palo Verde West
118.(PWH) Virginia G. Piper Writers House
119.(RFPF) Robson Family Player Facility
120.(RWHAL) Rosewood Hall
121.(SAC) Sun Angel Clubhouse
122.(SCD) Sonora Center
123.(SCOB) John W. Schwada Classroom Office Building
124.(SCOB) Schwada Building
125.(SGHAL) Sage Hall
126.(SHESC) School of Human Evolution and Social Change (formerly Anthropology)
127.(SOCER) Soccer Stadium
128.(SRC) Student Recreation Complex
129.(SS) Social Sciences Building
130.(STAD) Sun Devil Stadium
131.(STAUF) Stauffer Communication Arts
132.(SSV) Student Services
133.(TRACK) Sun Angel Stadium/Joe Selleh Track
134.(TMPCT) Sun Devil Sports Performance Tempe Center
135.(TOWER) Tower Center
136.Tyler Mall
137.(UASB) Undergraduate Academic Services
138.(UCLUB) University Club
139.(UCNTR) University Center
140.(UCNTRA) University Center A
141.(UCNTRB) University Center B
142.(UVCMN) University Commons Building - Visitor Information Center
143.(USB) University Services
144.(UNIVT) University Towers
145.(USE) Urban Systems Engineering
146.(VBHAL) Verbena Hall
147.(VDDM) Verde Dickey Dome
148.(VVDS) Villas at Vista
149.(VDS) Vista Del Sol
150.(WEXLR) Wexler Hall
151.(WFA) Wells Fargo Arena
152.(WGHL) Wrigley Hall (formerly GIOS)
153.(WGTF) John Spini Women's Gymnastics Training Facility
154.(WHALL) West Hall
155.(WTC) Whiteman Tennis Center
156.(WILOHAL) Willow Hall
157.(WILSN) Wilson Hall
158.(WTF) Riches Wrestling Complex
159.(WUC) Weatherup Center

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