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1(BRI) Brain Research Institute
2(BSRB) Biomedical Sciences Research Bldg
3(OHRC) Orthopaedic Hospital Research Center
4(SCRC) Sunset Canyon Recreation Center
5(SEL) Science & Engineering Library
6(SRLF) Southern Regional Library Facility
7(STRB) Science & Technology Research Bldg
81001 Gayley Ave
910960 Wilshire Boulevard
10700 Westwood Plaza
11720 Hilgard Avenue
12824 Hilgard Avenue
13911 S Broxton Ave
14924 Westwood Blvd
15Ackerman Student Union
16Acosta Training Center
17Aloe Court
18Anderson School of Management
19Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center (Ashe Center)
20Arts Library
21Bank of America Bldg
22Biomedical Cyclotron Facility
23Biomedical Library (Louise M Darling)
24Boelter Hall (Engineering II & III)
25Bombshelter (Court of Sciences Student Center)
26Botany Bldg
27Bradley Hall
28Brain Mapping
29Broad Art Center
30Broxton Plaza
31Bruin Statue and Bruin Plaza
32Bruin Walk
33Bunche Hall
34Bus Terminal
35California NanoSystems Institute
36Campbell Hall
37Campus Services Building 1
38Canyon Point (Sunset Village)
39Capital Programs Bldg
40Center for the Health Sciences
41Central Ticket Office
42Clinical Research
43CNSI Building
44Collins Center
45Collins Executive Education Center
46Cornell Hall
47Court of Philanthropy
48Court of Sciences Student Center
49Courtside (Sunset Village)
50Covel Commons
51CRA Modular Units
52Cypress Court
53De Neve Acacia
54De Neve Birch
55De Neve Cedar
56De Neve Dogwood
57De Neve Evergreen
58De Neve Fir
59De Neve Gardenia
60De Neve Holly
61De Neve Plaza Commons Building
62Delta Terrace (Sunset Village)
63Dentistry (School of Dentistry)
64Dickson Court
65Dodd Hall
66Doris Stein Eye Research Center
67Drake Track and Field Stadium
68Dykstra Hall
69East Melnitz
70Easton Softball Stadium
71Easton Women's Softball Field
72Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
73Engineering IV
74Engineering V
75Entrepreneurs Hall
76Environmental Health and Safety Services Building
77Extension Lindbrook Center
78Facilities Management Bldg
80Faculty Apartments, Gayley Ave
81Faculty Apartments, Levering Ave
82Faculty Center
83Fernald Child Development Center
84Fielding School of Public Health
85Fleet Services/Garage
86Football Equipment Building
87Fowler Museum at UCLA
88Franz Hall
89Gayley Towers
90Geffen Playhouse
91Geology Building
92Glenrock West Apartment Building
93Gold Hall
94Gonda (Goldschmied) Center
95Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center
96Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
97Guest House
98Haines Hall
99Hammer Museum
100Hedrick Hall
101Hedrick Summit
102Hershey Hall
103Hilgard Bus Terminal
104Hitch Residential Suites
105Hospital (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center)
106Humanities Building (formerly Kinsey Hall)
107Jacaranda Court
108James West Alumni Center
109Janss Steps
110John Wooden Center
111John Wooden Center West
112Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health (School of Public Health)
113Jules Stein Eye Institute
114Kaufman Hall
115Kerckhoff Hall
116Keystone/Mentone Apartments, 3770-3780 Keystone Ave
117Kinross Bldg
118Kinross Bldg South
119Knudsen Hall
120Korn Convocation Hall
121Krieger A
122Krieger B
123Krieger C
124Krieger D
125La Kretz Hall
126Lath House
127Law Building
128Law Library (Hugh & Hazel Darling)
129Law, School of
130Life Sciences
131LL Hillblom Islet Research Center
132Los Angeles Tennis Center (Straus Stadium)
133Lu Valle Commons
134Luskin School of Public Affairs
135MacDonald Medical Research Laboratories
136Macgowan Hall
137Macgowan Hall East
138Magnolia Court
139Management Library (Eugene & Maxine Rosenfeld)
140Margan Apartments
141Marion Davies Children's Center
142Marshall Field (in Drake Stadium)
143Mathematical Sciences
144Mattel Children's Hospital
145Medical Plaza 100
146Medical Plaza 200 (Morton Medical) (Morton Medical)
147Medical Plaza 300
148Melnitz Hall
149Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden
150Molecular Sciences Building
151Moore Hall
152Morgan Intercollegiate Athletics Center
153Morton Medical Building
154MRL (Lath House)
155Mullin Management Commons
156Murphy Hall (Administration)
157Murphy Sculpture Garden
158Neuroscience Research Building
159North Campus Student Center
160Northwest Campus Auditorium
161Occupational Health Facility
162Olive Court
163Oppenheimer Tower
164Ornamental Horticulture Storage Building M
165Palm Court
166Parking - CHS South
167Parking - DD
168Parking - Sunset Recreation
169Parking - Sunset Village
170Parking Structure 1
171Parking Structure 2
172Parking Structure 3
173Parking Structure 32
174Parking Structure 4
175Parking Structure 5
176Parking Structure 7
177Parking Structure 8
178Parking Structure 9
179Pauley Pavilion
180Perloff Hall
181Physics and Astronomy Building
182Plant Growth Center
183Police Station
184Portola Plaza Building
185Powell Library Building
186Public Affairs Building (formerly Public Policy Bldg)
187Reed Neurological Research Center
188Rehabilitation Center
189Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital
190Rieber Hall
191Rieber Terrace
192Rieber Vista
193Rolfe Hall
194Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
195Rose Avenue Apartments, 11130 Rose Ave
196Rose Avenue Apartments, 11140 Rose Ave
197Rosenfeld Library
198Royce Hall
199Saxon Residential Suites
200Schoenberg Music Building
201School of Dentistry
202School of Law
203School of Public Health
204Science and Technology Research Building
205Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior (formerly NPI&H)
206Shapiro Fountain
207Slichter Hall
208Spaulding Field
209Spieker Aquatics Center
210Sproul Cove
211Sproul Hall
212Sproul Landing
213Strathmore Building
214Student Activities Center
215Sunset Canyon Recreation Center
216Sunset Tennis Courts
217Sycamore Court
218Sycamore Tennis Courts
219Terasaki Life Sciences Building
220Ticket Booth
221Tiverton House
222Tiverton Patient Family Guest House
223Tom Bradley Center (Bradley Hall)
224Transit Operations Maintenance Yard
225UCLA Extension Building (UNEX)
226UCLA Extension, 1010 Westwood
227UCLA Extension, Lindbrook Drive
228UCLA Extension, Westwood Village Center
229UCLA Guest House
230UCLA Lab School 1
231UCLA Lab School 2
232UCLA Lab School, Seeds Campus
233UCLA Wilshire Center
234Ueberroth Building
235University Residence
236University Village Apartments, Sawtelle
237Upper Picnic Area Modular Units
238Venice Barry Apartments
239Warren Hall
240Wasserman Building
241West Alumni Center
242West Medical
243West Medical Bldg
244West Medical Steam Plant
245Westwood Chateau Apartments
246Westwood Palm Apartment Building
247Westwood Plaza
248Weyburn Apts
249Weyburn Graduate Student Housing
250Weyburn Terrace Housing Complex
251William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
252Wilshire Center
253Wilson Plaza
254Wooden Recreation and Sports Center
255Young Hall
256Young Research Library

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