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1(ACS) Hope Lodge
2(ADM) Admissions Welcome Center
3(ALC) Alumni Center (Sam & Martha Gibbons)
4(ALC) Sam & Martha Gibbons Alumni Center
5(ALN) John & Grace Allen Building
6(ALZ) Florida Alzheimer's Center & Research Institute
7(ALZ) Johnnie B. Byrd, Sr. Alzheimer's Center
8(AOC) Purchasing & Property Services
9(ATH) Intercollegiate Athletic Facility
10(ATH) Lee Roy Selmon Athletics Center
11(AUX) Auxiliary / Dining Services
12(AUX) Graphic and Printing Services
13(BBP) Pam & Les Muma Basketball Practice Center
14(BCD) Baseball Stadium
15(BEH) Behavioral Sciences
16(BKS) Bookstore
17(BKS) University Bookstore
18(BPB) Business Partnership Building
19(BPT) Baptist Student Center
20(BSF) BioScience
21(BSN) Business Administration (Ferguson Hall)
22(CAM) Contemporary Art Museum
23(CCD) Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute (H.Lee)
24(CCG) Moffitt Parking Garage
25(CCT) Moffitt Tower
26(CDC) Moffitt Child Care Center
27(CEE) Gus A. Stavros Center for Economic Education
28(CGS) Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions
29(CHA) Chapel Center
30(CHE) Chemistry
31(CHG) Parking Garage (Crescent Hill)
32(CHG) Parking Garage (Engineering)
33(CHS) Chemistry Storage Building
34(CIC) Campus Information Center
35(CIS) Communication & Information Sciences
36(CMC) CAS Multidisciplinary Complex
37(CMS) Children's Medical Services
38(CMS) USF Health Offices
39(CPH) College of Public Health
40(CPH) Public Health, USF Health
41(CPR) Cooper Hall (Arts & Sciences)
42(CPT) Central Plant
43(CRS) Central Receiving & Storage
44(CRU) Credit Union, USF Federal
45(CSC) Kiran Patel USF Charter School
46(CSC) Patel Charter School
47(CTH) Catholic Student Center (off campus)
48(CUT) Center for Urban Transportation Research
49(CWY) C. W. Bill Young Hall
50(CWY) Joint Military Leadership Ctr. (Charles William Young)
51(DAC) Anchin Center
52(DAC) David C. Anchin Center
53(DHB) Department of Health Building
54(DIN) Champion's Choice Dining
55(EDU) Education
56(EHS) Environmental Health & Safety
57(ENA) Engineering Teaching Auditorium
58(ENB) Engineering Building II
59(ENC) Engineering Building III
60(ENG) Engineering Building I (Edgar W. Kopp)
61(ENL) Engineering Laboratory
62(ENR) Engineering Research
63(ERC) Educational Research Center (Preschool)
64(ESH) Embassy Suites Hotel
65(FAD) Dance
66(FAH) Fine Arts Building
67(FAH) Visual & Performing Arts
68(FAO) Faculty of Office Building
69(FAS) Fine Arts Studio & Oliver Gallery
70(FBS) Football Practice Service Building
71(FFB) Fowler Fields
72(FPC) Facilities Planning & Construction
73(FSB) Burger King
74(GAR) Botanical Gardens
75(GCH) Golf Clubhouse and Operations (The Claw)
76(GKA) Greek Housing 3
77(GKH) Greek Housing 7
78(GKI) Greek Housing 9
79(GKM) Greek Housing 12
80(GKN) Greek Housing 13
81(GKX) Greek Housing 16
82(GKY) Greek Housing 15
83(GKZ) Greek Housing 14
84(GVA-B) Greek Housing 2
85(GVA-N) Greek Housing
86(GVC-D) Greek Housing 4
87(GVE-F) Greek Housing 5
88(GVG-H) Greek Housing 6
89(GVI-J) Greek Housing 8
90(GVK-L) Greek Housing 10
91(GVM-N) Greek Housing 11
92(HAA) Holly Apartments 1
93(HAA-M) Holly Housing
94(HAB) Holly Apartments 2
95(HAC) Holly Apartments 3
96(HAD) Holly Apartments 4
97(HAE) Holly Apartments 5
98(HAF) Holly Apartments 6
99(HAG) Holly Apartments 7
100(HAH) Holly Apartments 8
101(HAK) Holly Apartments 9
102(HAL) Holly Apartments 10
103(HAM) Holly Apartments 11
104(HIL) B'Nai B'rith Hillel House
105(HIL) Hillel House
106(HMS) Human Services, Architecture and Community Design
107(IDR) Interdisciplinary Research Building
108(ISA) Interdisciplinary Science Building
109(JPH) Juniper-Poplar Hall
110(LDG) Parking Garage (Laurel Dr.)
111(LIB) Library
112(LIF) Life Science (Biology)
113(LRC) Lawton & Rhea Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers & Babies
114(LSA) Life Science Annex
115(MAA/H) Magnolia Apartments
116(MCB) Muriel Rothman Clinic Building
117(MCC) H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
118(MDA) USF Health Clinics
119(MDA) USF Health Medical Clinics
120(MDC) USF Health
121(MDC) USF Health/College of Medicine
122(MDE) USF Health Endoscopy Center
123(MDF) Medical Faculty Office Building
124(MDH) Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care (Carol & Frank)
125(MDL) USF Health Laboratories
126(MDN) College of Nursing
127(MDN) Nursing, USF Health
128(MDO) Eye Institute
129(MDT) USF Health - Psychiatry, School of Physical Therapy
130(MDT) USF Health/Therapy
131(MFB) Moffitt Faculty Bldg.
132(MGX) Social Work/Kinship Center
133(MGY) CBCS CARD Building
134(MGY) Social Work, School of
135(MGZ) Family Center, USF
136(MGZ) USF Family Center
137(MHA) Westside Conference Center
138(MHB) Physical Plant (FMHI)
139(MHC) College of Behavioral & Community Sciences Building
140(MHC) Florida Mental Health Institute . Louis de la Parte
141(MHF) CBCS Research/Classroom Building
142(MHF) Child and Family Studies
143(MPA) Maple Suites 1
144(MPA/D) Maple Suites
145(MPB) Maple Suites 2
146(MPC) Maple Suites 3
147(MPD) Maple Suites 4
148(MRC) Moffitt Research Institute Building
149(MSC) Marshall Student Center
150(MUS) Music Building
151(NEC) Continuing Education
152(NES) Natural & Environmental Sciences
153(NTA) Nanotech I Facilities
154(OPM) Physical Plant Operations
155(PCD) Psychology/Communication Sciences & Disorders
156(PED) Physical Education
157(PHY) Physics/Mathematics
158(PIZ) Pizzo Elementary School
159(PKG) Parking Garage (Collins Blvd.)
160(PPA) Post Office, USF
161(PPB) Ground and Transportation
162(PPC) Maintenance and Service Shops
163(PRS) Lifsey House (President's House)
164(PTA) Parking & Transportation Services
165(PTB) Parking & Transportation Services
166(RAN) Andros Center
167(RAR) Argos Center
168(RBC) Castor Hall
169(RBE) Beta Hall
170(RCA) Cypress Apartments
171(RCA) Cypress Hall /Suite A
172(RCA) Cypress Hall /Suite B
173(RCA) Cypress Residence Apartments & Suites
174(RDE) Delta Hall
175(REC) Recreation Center
176(REP) Epsilon Hall
177(RET) Eta Hall
178(RIO) Iota Hall
179(RKA) Kappa Hall
180(RKO) Kosove Hall
181(RLA) Lambda Hall
182(RMU) Mu Hall
183(RQC) RHA Office
184(RRT) Rehabilitation Robots and Prosthetics Testbed
185(RTH) Theta Hall
186(RZE) Zeta Hall
187(SCA) Science Center
188(SCD) Softball Stadium
189(SEC) SE Chiller Plant
190(SHR) Shriner's Hospital for Children
191(SHS) Student Health Services
192(SOC) Social Science
193(SPS) Corbett Soccer Stadium
194(SRB) Stabile Research Building
195(STA) Soccer and Track Stadium
196(SUN) Sun Dome
197(SVC) Honors College
198(SVC) Student Services Building
199(TAR) Theatre Arts Rehearsal
200(TAT) Teaching Auditorium - Theatre I
201(TAT) Theatre I
202(TCP) Varsity Tennis Courts
203(THR) Theatre II
204(TVB) WUSF-TV Channel 16
205(UDI) Diagnostic Institute, University
206(UDI) University Diagnostic Institute
207(ULH) University Lecture Hall
208(UPB) Police, University
209(UPB) University Police
210(UTA) University Technology Center I
211(UTB) University Technology Center II
212(UTC) Graphicstudio
213(UTC) University Technology Center I & II . Graphicstudio . Research Offices
214(WFC) Crosswinds Wesley Foundation
215(WFC) University Chapel Fellowship
216(WRB) WUSF-FM 89.7 Radio
217(WSF) Water Tower
218Greek Housing 1
219Myers Laboratory
220School of Architecture and Community Design
221Shimberg Health Sciences Library
222Tarek's Cafe
223USF Health Sciences Bookstore & Cafe

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