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1(ALD) Alderman Library
2(AQC) Aquatic and Fitness Center
3(AST) Astronomy Building
4(BGC) Birdwood Clubhouse and Golf Course
5(BMU) University of Virginia Art Museum (Bayly Building)
6(BRK) Brooks Hall
7(BRO) Brown College at Monroe Hill (Student Residences)
8(BRY) Bryan Hall
9(BRY) Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium
10(CAB) New Cabell Hall
11(CAM) Campbell Hall (School of Architecture)
12(CHE) Chemical Engineering Research Building
13(CHM) Chemistry Building
14(CLK) Clark Hall
15(CLM) Clemons Library
16(CMN) Claude Moore Nursing Education Building (Health System)
17(COB) Cobb Hall (Health System)
18(COC) Cocke Hall
19(DR) Dawson's Row
20(DRM) Drama Building (Culbreth and Helms Theatres)
21(DVS) Davis Laboratory (Hospital West, 2nd Floor)
22(FHL) Fayerweather Hall
23(GIB) Gibson Hall
24(GIL) Gilmer Hall
25(GSB) Darden School of Business
26(GSB) Darden School Parking Garage
27(HAL) Halsey Hall
28(HOD) Hotel D (Academical Village)
29(JAG) Judge Advocate General's School
30(JOR) Jordan Hall (Health System)
31(KER) Kerchof Hall
32(LHO) Lambeth House
33(MCL) McLeod Hall (School of Nursing)
34(MEC) Mechanical Engineering
35(MED) Old Medical School Building (Health System)
36(MGM) Memorial Gymnasium
37(MH3) Monroe Hill House/Range (Faculty/Staff Housing)
38(MIN) Minor Hall
39(MON) Monroe Hall
40(MRY) Maury Hall
41(MSB) Materials Science Building
42(NAU) Nau Hall
43(NHL) Newcomb Hall (Student Center)
44(OBS) McCormick Observatory
45(OCH) Old Cabell Hall
46(OLS) Olsson Hall
47(PBY) Peabody Hall (Undergraduate Admission Office)
48(PHS) Physics Building/Jesse Beams Laboratory
49(PV5) Pavilion V
50(PV8) Pavilion VIII
51(RAN) Randall Hall
52(RAO) Stone Hall (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
53(RBT) (RSH) Robertson Hall and Rouss Hall (McIntire School of Commerce)
54(REA) Nuclear Reactor
55(REC) Slaughter Recreation Center
56(RFN) Ruffner Hall (Curry School of Education)
57(RSH) (RBT) Rouss Hall and Robertson Hall (McIntire School of Commerce)
58(RUF) Ruffin Hall
59(SHH) Shea House (Student Residences)
60(STC) Stacey Hall (Health System)
61(THN) Thornton Hall (School of Engineering and Applied Science)
62(WIL) Wilson Hall
63(WSB) Withers-Brown Hall
64(ZMA) Zehmer Hall Annex
65(ZMR) Zehmer Hall (School of Continuing and Professional Studies/Conference Center)
661 Dawson's Row
67104 Emmet Street (School of Architecture Annex)
68108 Cresap Road
691107 West Main Street
701111 West Main Street (U.Va. Medical Alumni Association) (Health System)
711222 Jefferson Park Avenue (Health System)
72132 Emmet Street
731512 Jefferson Park Avenue (Music House)
741939 Ivy Road (Institutional Assessment and Studies)
752 Dawson's Row (W.E.B. DuBois Tutorial Center)
76203 Rugby Road
772400 Old Ivy Road
783 Dawson's Row (Luther P. Jackson Cultural Center)
79310 Old Ivy Way
80350 Old Ivy Way
814 Dawson's Row (Office of African-American Affairs)
82914 Emmet Street (Michie Building South)
83918 Emmet Street (Michie Building North)
84Abbott Center (Darden School)
85Academical Village
86Aerospace Research Laboratory
87Albert H. Small Building
88Alden House (Observatory House #1)
90Alderman Road Residence Area (Student Residences)
91Alumni Hall
92Arena Parking
93Arena Parking
94Artificial Turf Field
95Aurbach Medical Research Building (450 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
96Barringer Wing (Health System)
97Bavaro Hall
98Bemiss House (University Press)
99Bice House (Student Residences)
100Biology Greenhouse
101Birdwood Pavilion
102Birdwood Residences
103Blake Center (1224 W. Main Street) (Health System)
104Booker House (Provost's Office)
105Buckingham Palace
106C. Ray Smith Alumni Hall (Darden School)
107Carl Smith Center, Home of David A. Harrison III Field at Scott Stadium
108Carr's Hill (President's House)
109Carr's Hill Field
110Carruthers Hall
111Carter Harrison Research Building (MR-6)
112Casa Bolivar (Spanish House) (Student Residences)
113Cemetery (University Cemetery)
114Central Grounds Parking Garage (Visitor Parking)
115CFA Institute Building (560 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
116Child Development Centers
117Claude Moore Health Sciences Library (Health System)
118Clay Hall and Caplin Pavilion
119Copeley Field
120Copeley Hill Apartments (Family Housing)
121Copeley Hill Residence Area (Student Residences)
122Corner Building (Teen Health Center/Women's Center)
123Culbreth Road Garage
124Culbreth Road Parking Garage
125Darden School Parking Garage
126Davenport Field at the U.Va. Baseball Stadium
127Dell 1
128Dell 2
129Dell Basketball Courts
130Dynamics Building (2015 Ivy Road)
131Elson Student Health Center
132Emergency Room (University Hospital)
133Emmet/Ivy Parking Garage
134Faulkner Complex (Student Residences)
135Faulkner Residences (Faculty/Staff Housing)
136Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library
137Fontaine Medical Office Building 1 (415 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
138Fontaine Medical Office Building 2 (545 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
139Fontaine Research Park
140Fontana Food Center
141Future site of Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center
142Garrett Hall
143Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library
144Health Services Foundation (500 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
145Hereford Residential College (Student Residences)
146High Energy Physics Laboratory
147Hospital Parking Garage East (Visitor Parking)
148Hospital Parking Garage South (Staff only)
149Hospital Parking Garage West (Visitor Parking)
150Hotel A (Academical Village)
151Hotel B (Washington Hall)
152Hotel C (Jefferson Hall)
153Hotel E (Colonnade Club)
154Hotel F (Levering Hall)
155Hunton & Williams Hall
156International Residential College (Student Residences)
157Ivy Stacks
158Jefferson Scholars Foundation
159John Paul Jones Arena
160Kellogg House
161Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center (KCRC) (Health System)
162Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center Commonwealth Court (Health System)
163Klöckner Stadium
164La Maison Française (French House) (Student Residences)
165Lambeth Commons
166Lambeth Field
167Lambeth Field Residences Area (Student Residences)
168Lannigan Field
169Law School (David A. Harrison III Law Grounds)
170Lawn, the
171Leake Building (Facilities Management)
172Leake Cottage
173Lee Street Parking Garage (Health System Visitor Parking)
174Lorna Sundberg International Center
175Mad Bowl
176Madison Bowl
177Madison Hall (President's Office)
178Madison House
179McCormick Road Residence Area (Student Residences)
180McCue III Center, Frank C.
181McIntire Amphitheatre
182McKim Hall (School of Medicine Administration)
183Medical Research - MR-4
184Medical Research - MR-5 (Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science Building)
185Medical Research - MR-6 (Carter Harrison Research Building)
186Medical Research Buildings
187Miller Center of Public Affairs (Faulkner House)
189Montesano (2333 Old Ivy Road)
190Morea (Faculty/Staff Housing)
191Moser Radiation Therapy Center (Health System)
192Nameless Field
193North Grounds Recreation Center
194Northridge Building (Health System)
195Nursing Education Building, Claude Moore (Health System)
196Nursing School Garage
197Nursing School Garage (under McLeod Hall)
199Observatory Hill Dining
200Onesty Hall
201Outdoor Recreation Center
202Outpatients Clinics West (Health System)
203Parking and Transportation Services
204Parking Garage at Scott Stadium
205Pavilion I
206Pavilion II
207Pavilion III
208Pavilion IV
209Pavilion IX
210Pavilion VI
211Pavilion VII (Colonnade Club)
212Pavilion X
213Perry-Fishburne Tennis Courts
214Peyton House
215Piedmont Faculty Housing (Faculty/Staff Housing)
216Poe Alley (Office of Orientation and New Student Programs)
217Primary Care Center (Health System)
218Printing and Copying Services
219Recycling Office (Stores Warehouse)
220Recycling Park
221Republic Plaza (Health System)
222Rice Hall (Computer Engineering and Computer Science)
224Runk Hall
225Russian House (102 Cresap Road) (Student Residences)
226Saunders Hall (Darden School)
227Scott Stadium
228Scott Stadium Parking Garage
229Scott Stadium, Carl Smith Center, Home of David A. Harrison III Field at
230Shelbourne Hall (Virginia Transportation Research Council)
231Sheridan G. Snyder Translational Research Building
232Snyder Tennis Center
233South Lawn Commons Building
234South, Hospital Parking Garage (Staff only)
235Special Materials Handling Facility/Environmental Health & Safety
236Sponsors - Executive Residence Center (Darden School)
237Stadium Road Residence Area (Student Residences)
238Stores Warehouse (Recycling Office)
239Student Activities Building
240Student Services Building (Darden School)
241Student-Faculty Center
242The AFC
243The Cage
244The Park (North Grounds)
245Townside (U.Va. Prosthetics and Orthotics) (Health System)
246U.Va. Clinical Laboratory
247U.Va. Health South Rehabilitation Hospital (515 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
248U.Va. Outpatient Surgery Center (Health System)
249University Bookstore
250University Chapel
251University Gardens (Family Housing)
252University Hall
253University Hospital (Health System)
254University of Virginia Art Museum (proposed site)
255University Press Warehouse
256University Relations, Development (400 Ray C. Hunt Drive)
257University Visitor Center/University Police
258Varsity Hall
259Vyssotsky Cottage (Observatory House #2) (Faculty/Staff Housing)
260West Complex (Health System)
261West Parking Shelf at Scott Stadium
262Wilsdorf Hall

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